What is Settlus?

Settlus is a blockchain created to realize the vision of enabling every creative individual to establish their own intellectual property business. Contents platform utilizing Settlus can transparently and efficiently distribute profits generated from digital content. Settlus records purchase and usage data of digital creations on the blockchain, allowing for a practical and scalable system to distribute revenue to copyright holders. The system is designed to be utilized independently by multiple platform services, and Settlus nodes earn fees by verifying transaction records and settlement processes for all platforms.

Using Settlus, platforms can record off-chain transaction data and allocate profits to creators by accumulating reserves in their treasuries or directly through some specially designed smart contract. Creators can payout their earnings at any time based on settlement records (= purchase history). Since the system operates on a blockchain protocol written in Cosmos-SDK, creators can access their earnings even if the platform disappears.

Moreover, Settlus has a structure that enables real-time verification of ownership for NFTs existing on multiple chains, ensuring NFT interoperability without the need for locking assets or using complex bridges. Using this feature, when accumulating transaction records, instead of specifying a wallet address for settlement, it is also possible to designate specific NFTs existing on various chains. In this case, the chains verify the owner of the specified NFT in real-time and record the transaction history towards the respective owner's wallet address.

If you would like to learn more about Settlus's direction and vision, please refer to our whitepaper.

Key Features of Settlus

Our core features are briefly explained as below. For more detailed information, please refer to the respective pages on the modules.

Settlement System

Settlus natively supports powerful settlement system for users. To learn more about our settlement system, look at our x/settlement module page.

Multi-chain Interoperability

Settlus bypasses the need for lock-up or bridges and instead directly communicates with other chains within the blockchain to prove ownership of digital assets. Learn how Settlus achieve this with x/oracle module.

EVM Compatible

Settlus is EVM compatible, which means users can use their existing Ethereum-based accounts and develop any smart contract which is working on Ethereum. Moreover, you can send a transaction through already well-known solutions like Metamask. Find out more details on Account page and Smart Contract page.

Cosmos SDK & CometBFT

Powered by the Cosmos-SDK and CometBFT, Settlus includes all essential functionalities of the Cosmos-SDK. But some modules such as governance, staking, and distribution have been modified to suit our own policies. Details on each change are provided in Governance, Running a Validator sections.

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