What is Tenant?

In Settlus, the concept of "Tenant" represents an individual platform or service that utilizes the x/settlement module. Each tenant operates independently within the Settlus ecosystem, maintaining their distinct transaction records, revenue streams, and user interactions. The tenant is identified by a unique tenant_id, which serves as a cornerstone for tracking and managing their specific transactions and settlements.

Tenant Admin

Tenant admins are authorized individuals or entities who have the capability to execute administrative actions specific to their tenant. This includes managing settlement treasury, recording revenues, cancelling UTXRs, and overseeing settlements. The list of Tenant Admins is configured and maintained in the admins parameter, ensuring secure and authorized access to administrative functions.

Tenant support plan

Settlus operates a support program for tenants. This program utilizes a portion of the SETL that validators voluntarily contribute to the community, and decisions on how much and in what way to support each tenant are made through governance. However, a single tenant can receive support up to a maximum of 20% of the total community contributions.

Create Tenant

Anyone can create tenant with CLI command, and tenant can choose whether to use mintable contract or not.

settlusd create-tenant asetl 100

# with mintable contract
settlusd create-tenant-mc asetl 100

Query Tenant

# Get specific tenant
settlusd q settlement tenant <tenant-id>

# Get all registered tenants in Settlus
settlusd q settlement tenants

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