Working with Testnet

Settlus testnet is the best way to test and develop your dApp, smart contracts, and any other interactions with Settlus. Testnet chain id is settlus_5372-2

What's testnet for?

  • Create your test address and get your testnet funds.

  • Develop applications and try tutorials on Settlus without the potential to lose your real assets.

  • Test your applications against new releases of Settlus.

  • Analyze blockchain data on a smaller, non-trivial data set compared to the public network.

How to get some testnet funds?

The testnet faucet for Settlus can be accessed here.

Scan for Testnet


Joining Testnet as a Validator

The Testnet functions the same as the main network. For technical configurations, refer to the Running a Node section. Also, see the Running a Validator page to learn how to participate as a validator.

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