Settlement Flow

This page explains settlement flow with an example of creator platform utilizing Settlus.

  1. A Web2 creator platform creates a new tenant to utilize a transparent and cross-border settlement system.

  2. The tenant admin (Platform) records the data that should be settled to NFT owners. On this platform, NFTs represent the revenue rights of content.

  3. All records are stored in the tenant's own UTXR table. If an NFT is stored in Settlus, the recipient of the revenue is directly determined. If not, the Oracle module will determine it later.

  4. At the end of each block, the settlement module attempts to settle UTXR records under the following conditions:

    • CreatedAt + PayoutPeriod >= CurrentBlock

    • The recipient exists

    • The treausury has sufficient balance

  5. The tenant admin can cancel the settlement if a consumer refunds their purchase of the creator's content.

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